Design Notes

Each site within your account can be assigned a unique graphical design!

  • Release 4.4 in 2016 added several "Responsive Web Designs" impacting how your site displays would integrate to mobile devices and providing a backdrop for new image presentation content. You'll discover "Responsive Color Bar" and a new design group called Sports with "Hockey", "Baseball Field" and "Baseballs." You'll find color sets and some new banner background graphics. Learn more about "Responsive Design for myeFolio Sites" from our online reference guides.
Responsive ColorBar (new in 2016)
Responsive Color Bar Design
Hockey (new in 2016)
Sports Hockey Design
Baseball Field (new in 2016)
Sports Baseball Field Design


Baseballs (new in 2016)
Baseballs Design
Color Bar (new in 2015)
Color Bar Design
Outdoors (new in 2015)
Outdoors Design


Newly-added designs work best with mobile devices and complement those added in Release 4.1 when "Color Bar" and "Outdoors" provided various display options using color swatches and banner background graphics. All design groupings from earlier releases remain available for your use:

  • Bright Cheery
  • Off The Grid
  • Basic Boxes
  • Funky Fun
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Rainy Day
  • Swirls
  • Smooth Groovy
  • Simple Text with Top or Left Navigation
  • Military

Specific "custom designs" have been added for various colleges and organizations to promote and align their brand to student eFolio sites.