Additional File Display Options

To be consistent, the examples on this page intentionally display the same resume file as content. Examples are intended to give you some models that would apply to how you might post your file-based evidence such as a research paper, a presentation, or countless other assignments and artifacts that are preserved in "file form." Once uploaded to myeFolio, you control the display options.


  • Beginning with the file link above, once clicked it will open to a new tab or Window.

An alternative that people often ask about involves showing the actual text of the file within the page. You can do that! See the explanations with example links below.

View Example1 Assuming that your file was authored in Microsoft Word, the most consistent approach is to first save the file as a "Filtered Web Page" so the "page source" code can be copied. You would then create an HTML content item using the myeFolio "New Content" panel and paste the page source code to the "Embedded HTML" field. Your HTML content item, once placed on a page, will embed the document text inline to your myeFolio site page (displaying it as originally formatted in Microsoft Word).
View Example 2 If formatted as a PDF file when saved, a user would embed a unique script to an HTML content item. The result is similar and can be displayed by most browsers.

Learn more about using myeFolio at the myeFolio Website (resources section).