Overview of an Artifact

Artifacts often serve to collect many elements within one content object. As such they can include ContactsAffiliations and other Related Content as well as Reflections or Feedback.

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One of the core values of myeFolio is user ownership. This means that myeFolio is a user-centered application for students, teachers and institutions that is wholly owned and controlled by the individual as a lifelong and life wide learning portfolio.

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The award-winning myeFolio™ is a product of Avenet LLC, a Minnesota-based Limited Liability Company.  Developed in partnership with the Minnesota State (formerly MnSCU) and the University of Minnesota (U of MN), myeFolio empowers students, educators and job-seekers to organize, manage and display their academic and career information in multimedia websites to enhance education, promote achievement and advance careers.  myeFolio was uniquely designed to support both students and workers in their lifelong and life-wide learning and workforce objectives.