Resume Content Presentation

myeFolio provides "content type" that invites the user to display their existing content (or prepare new items) as they populate a digital resume content form. The resulting resume format displays both essential and expanded details in a professional Web-aware presentation.

View the results by clicking the "Digital myeFolio Resume Display" link below!

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As you view it, take time to notice the following best practices:

In this example, we posted the Resume to a discrete myeFolio site within the same account. By design, your display will open a new browser window. When, for any reason, the viewer closes the resume tab or window the source eFolio site is still open! A user is also able to post their resume content as a page internal to their preferred Public Site navigation.


The resume display (when populated to a discrete site) can use a different but complementary design. In this example, we applied the "Color Bar" design to the resume site to give it more visual "pop" but kept it similar in design to the source eFolio site. This highlights some of the flexibility available to account holders.


When viewers click any of the internal resume links such as a job title or credential, expanded details are made visible to the viewer. The account owner controls what content fields are displayed to support the education, employment, skills and activity sections.


Related content, as is shown in the "Writing Sample" link below "References," can also be included through the "resume content type" placeholders.