Content Presentation Examples

Content Presentation is determined by your images, text and simple anchor point settings. from the image links below, you can access various examples to see how the Image Panel or Image Gallery might be used. Anchor settings impact how image panel content is viewed on mobile devices or when browser screen width and height dimensions are reduced. Both Panels and Galleries are created by an easy to use process that produces a powerful Web page display and can be further enhanced by the design you select. One of our newest responsive designs has been applied to each example listed. (Page links have been removed from posted examples.) QR Code image directs mobile device to Demo Site
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Site Notes Identify "What to Look For"


Image Panel Example: Middle School Reading


Middle School Reading: A simple introduction using an image panel (anchored Top Left) and text overlay (positioned at "bottom center") sets up the site focus. Notice the addition of a "Related Content" link at the base of the page.
Image Panel Example: Career Search


Career Search: An image panel (anchored Top Right) combined with an image gallery creates an initial page. A quotation is posted as the text overlay (positioned middle left). Below the narrative text, a click on any of the grouped images will activate "image gallery" slides with captions from image Roll-Over Text properties.
Image Panel Example: Sports and Teamwork


Team Sports: Your attention is captured with a great edge-to-edge background image (anchored Top Left). Personal observation is added with the text overlay (positioned top left). The focus on teamwork is introduced by the slogan (top) and extended by the quotation used in the footer.
Image Panel Example: Nursing Profession


Nursing Profession: You can almost "feel the moment" between patient and nurse when viewing this captivating image (anchored Bottom Right) and reading the text overlay (positioned bottom right). It effectively draws your interest -- exactly the hook you desire when trying to get someone to look beyond the homepage of your site.
Image Panel Example: Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy: Notice the complement established by the slogan (top) and footer (base) to the brief but effective testimonial in the text overlay (positioned top left). It takes very few words when the image (anchored Top Right) shows you performing your skills.
Image Panel Example: Speech Therapy


Speech Therapy: The image (anchored Top Left) captures the session with a young child. The resume link, not functional from this capture, is shown embedded in the text overlay (positioned bottom right; using a darker transparent background). The footer quote certainly fits the aspirations of this profession.
Image Panel Example: Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering: The image (anchored Top Left), showing interaction between co-workers, and the text overlay (positioned bottom left) interface well to present the main message of the site. In a few brief lines of text the viewer is introduced to the skillset and technology used in this profession prviding a solid launch into more content.
Image Panel Example: Web Designer


Web Designer: The edge-to-edge background image (anchored Top Right) and the text overlay (positioned top left) that embeds a relevant video clip is effective. It serves to provide a snapshot of talent that would encourage viewers to learn more as they explore the site.